After 37 years, Mr. John Kane is retiring. A personality as big as anything will be leaving behind a legacy that’s even bigger! So we thought we would sit down one last time to look back on 37 years in the industry. Now, Mr. Kane knew he would be recording, but he didn’t quite know he’d have company! This podcast is a long one but a good one full of stories, memories and well wishes from around the beer world, all here for Mr. John Kane. Time stamps (for those that like to skip) are below:

Matt Moore, Martin City (24:14)
Sam Lester, Boston Beer (31:41)
Elly Goldstein, Boston Beer (36:24)
Steve Koehler, Lagunitas (41:29)
Dave Jaeschke, DIAGEO (48:24)
Michael Crane / Chris Meyers, Crane (50:17)
Kris Patton (57:04)
Jeff Schrag, Mother’s (1:04:59)
Bobby Dykstra / Steve Linder, Duvel USA (1:11:53)
Brett Lentz, Molson Coors (1:29:06)
Stacy Ross (1:45:20)
Jeff Michael (1:45:44)
Cari Contreras (1:59:18)
Sara Werth (2:07:46)
Ric Kutch (2:08:58)
Steve Mos (2:19:22)

Listen in and drink it up! And Mr. Kane, thanks for everything!